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So what has happened to all the years since this photo was taken of me having so much fun?

And since first digitally uploading small American mining business articles in 1992, using the then called "Information Highway," trying to counter to the destruction of what used to be considered important by us Cold War Warriors with a security clearance higher than that of today's Comrade Snowden.

Historically we prevented a World War III fighting Communism with something called a "Strategic Metals Stockpile." This was back in the days when wars were not fought on the spreadsheet of a credit default swap manipulation. Which makes it just a bit difficult for the Captains of Capitalism to explain away exactly how China has mastered a domino effect in Rare Earths, Gold, and —lookout for this one— Silver.

Fortunately I think the free trade / favored nation pendulum is swinging back to what is economically right for fortress America. Yes we U.S. prospectors lost the support of the now defunct U.S. Bureau of Mines, and the all important U.S. Office of Minerals Exploration, plus report guidelines by a very diminished U.S. Geological Survey. Even worse, those of us who know the difference between a mine and a hole in the ground have been so trashed by a multinational TSX 43-101 standards, that Chinese IPO funds have been funneled through British Columbian securities lawyers to buy Alaskan gold mining claims as a ploy to sell U.S. EB-5 green cards to Communist workers to fill the void.

Recently voters seem to be supporting the honest development of America's true wealth of natural resources that are actually harvested, or mined. You too need to write your Congress-Person about two bills in support of having enough income to actually pay your fair share of income taxes derived from investments that actually move our economy forward out of what really is becoming a Great Global Depression II, started by an earthquake shaking up credit default swaps, followed by a banking failure tsunami coming our way out of Cyprus.

The Bills American Prospectors need to survive are:

H.R. 761, THE NATIONAL STRATEGIC AND CRITICAL MINERALS PRODUCTION ACT OF 2013which basically addresses the problems caused to our hard rock economy by foreign cartels who have somehow enlisted U.S. "junk science" environmental activists that have no understanding of the balance of nature, how to balance their checking account.

THE REINSTATEMENT OF CERTAIN GLASS-STEAGALL PROTECTIONS which deals with the mining industry's problem of finding development funding of "small cap" projects, where the financial industry's playground rules of keep away is that the bullies controlling both sides of a transaction seem to get their fix by taunting the small investor in the middle.

This is why I am supporting the "Supply Side", and drive to go direct past ENRON style "retirement fund management" to at least take a due diligence look at MLP's, or Scottish style small business "flash mob finance," to raise less money to develope a mine, than what it costs to buy a NYC Park Avenue apartment.

P. S. Newsletter bullion boy writers on the intelligent side of economic survival have permission to quote me as one of the last American miners who has actually operated a "muck stick" underground.

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