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Updated Warning Monday, November 23, 2015. The only e-mail service that seems to be working right now in retaliation to my angry cyber battle with China, Estonia, Ukraine, and an alleged "scam fighter", supposedly out of New York... no, make that San Francisco... no, make that go-to-hell. You may search for that in your browser to see where they may be hiding, now. There even is a blog to lodge yet-another-complaint about hiding behind sub-domains.

This information, on the dis-information which could be the death of the Internet as we know it, comes from my unseen, ISP protected, web hosting stats of this "online magazine" that somehow has reversed the un-controllable algorithm ranking of Asian search engines, that are still stealing over half of the unique visitor eyeballs to redirection through spoofing to blackmail riddled links of illegal sites, to affect the flow through "blacklisting", my e-mail service.

So, until I am able to afford hiring a room full of IT people, to fight creepy crawler bots, trust me by avoiding my tainted addresses you see here for now, other than my a long time trusted and a blind CC to MacandMurray@gmail.com. Or, if time is important by trying to get in line for my one-time only affordable silver retirement offer, call 503-753-5868, from a number that isn't already on a no-robo-call list.

All I am being trashed for is staking a claim for this www URL "TheProspector.com" site 16- years ago to babble on the how-to experience for simple things from my past, that worked.

As how to build a wooden rocker that would fit on a pack horse. And a write-up of the fun I had being on the last  great "Rush" to Moab, Utah.

Sorry, those pages "prankishly" disappeared, causing 404 errors, just about the time I got my www.MiningMagazines.com publishing "empire" was hacked for my angry editorials exposing a TSX "pump and dump", and how Canadian Interests 43-101 rules were being used unfairly under NAFTA rules, to hinder US professionals from being hired by Canadian Management on U.S. Mining Law of 1872 claims, that required a US citizen to legally stake.

I also had a moment of  "favored nation" stupidity in 2013 by speculating about the paper currency wars, by talking about a possibly in bringing the golden yuan, coming in out of nowhere, to replace  the USD as the trade dollar standard.

Those of us who understood the loss of Nixon taking us off both the solid gold, and silver standard weren't particularly as frightened as the credit default swap warriors. After all, free markets are supposed to be subject to supply and demand. What really did get some attention was an Alaskan miner (me) not going along with a Hong Kong IPO, using the 43-101 discrimination standard, raising money to mine by selling EB5 Green Card Visas to shove American workers aside.

My hard currency "supply side" reasoning may have ticked off a few 1% insider trading multinationaTrapl "banksters" to big to jail.

Simple me, working in the dark, disciplined in to be successful in mining by first finding some ore, I was rather surprised that my usual e-mail returns were panning out to nothing. Exactly as happened to some of our some long time advertisers we list on our mining information sites, to pay our operating expenses. We keep watch on what is placed as a service to our readers.

I really wasn't hacked server level, except that my web stats reports showed links that I cannot delete do anything about, apparently having having something to do with a 98% rate Asian crawler bots, for Asian search engines, that actually were listing screen dump spoofs of my copyright protected material. These unwanted links in turn were "blacklisted" for spoofed sites tarnishing my secure certificate by linking through to Russian porn of some very young looking children; and a reverse keyword harvester promising to trash a rival site; and helpful "experts known to clean-up your machine, and e-mail, before you get a blackmail bill demanding payment to give your files back.

All of this has lead to my having to scratch rebuild web sites, in a new one page vertical for an I-Pad, or slate, for now, as old paranoid me is even beginning to distrust those little wireless connected hand held computers known as a smart phone, when it may really be as just revealed, a action game malware play station.

For now all I can offer is the following ad. I am trying to find the time right now to bring back the free rocker plans. The Moab tale will also be back, along with material from my also hacked www.GoldMining.net articles, put together in a locked-in Adobe Acrobat PDF as a memoir in progress with a working title of The Prospector.

placer gold

So, since my media income has plummeted, and as our listing on the www.WesternMiners.com has run out of claims small enough to attract "qualified investors with more than a million dollars in their pocket" for an outright sale, lease, or joint venture as a way around Reg D, and other 'blue sky' securities listing, as very one sided IPO's that cheat by spam mailing 'press releases', well this 76-year old horsepacking cuss is taking a different trail.

If I had the time to play again, I would be out stacking valid claims to sell, as it has happened WesternMiner.com has had the idea small party pay expenses dream sell off of Miz Bobby's proof listing. Don't call me to ask what hills I would head for; do your homework first at a library that is a lode mine of old U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins, state and private reports, and a really great source; memoirs at a local museum. If after gold, remember that every flash flood in this time of global climate change "ground sluices", just as retreating glaciers may have opened access to undiscovered leads. I guess 60 years of field experience gives me some sort of "In American Interests" credentials.

However, without any initials after my name, I need to take care pioneering and promoting the bottom up way by taking advantage of Greg CF (aka Title III- Crowdfunding) working with a Reg A+ advantage as the first federal legislation that combines the benefits of general solicitation with providing non-accredited and accredited investors an opportunity to participate, The catch for small miners, and the oil wildcatters left, as usual, is we supposedly are already so rich, minerals and oil, are usually excluded from any jobs programs.

The answer? Merge proven ore into a retail sellable product! Build something needed instead of hiding it back in the ground. As solar silver has not worn out in 30-years of use testing, hide your wealth in plain sight... on the roof of your home!

Examples? On mineral ventures with A+ possibilities for a crowd to compete against HDT flash trading of your retirement, go to www.SilverMiningClaims.com to download bug free locked Adobe Acrobat PDF's that at least make it harder for the malware mob. As these three that are showing up in my stats as being fully delivered:

PV GalenaThin film solarEco Housing
Barry Murray Address

FULL DISCLOSURE ... I can legally advertise my own single signer mining claims:

Lesson One

The "golden rule" in mining is that physically owning proven ore, still locked up in the banks of a creek, trumps those press release wizards who tap dance a big board shell game shuffle that ignore the professional standard of continuous chip sample assays over a measured length x width x depth mapping, to arm wave the news that a finger nail sized piece of gold, intersected in a drill program 600 feet deep, in an absolutely not identifiable long/lat location, is the best kept "insiders" secret.

Since I am not a security trying to sell stock the documentation in an Adobe Acrobat PDF that is not a disinformation Internet HTML copy-cut-paste-and photo copyright plagiarism Use my WesternMiner.com direct Marketing Report to sell a property's potential of escaping Reg D, or any other Blue Sky "widows and orphans" exclusion limitations of investors already being millionaires.Eco Mining

Past that, it helps if you understand the importance of the Mining Law of 1872 where physical location, location, location is so important, click through to my white paper on

Lesson Two

Swivel chair prospecting for minerals is hard work in that trusting a friendly boiler room voice on phone to explain exactly how a "mining plan of action" meshes with the "biz plan" of flipping a lead mine for a quick profit, or other loose-loose property/investor middleman schemes.

From the "supply side" of mining through my www.MiningMagazines.com empire's www.WesternMiner.com, we have been advising for some time now the importance of getting involved in doing your own due diligence on the hole in the ground, as fellow Asperger's syndrome Mark Twain wit once wrote, where you just pour in hard earned money.

The three pieces project proposals above, present far more professional documentation to a client than what is usually passed along by a certified financial planner offers, along with a reassuring "trust me".

> When it comes to gold investments, perhaps the individual best wait and see if the multinational securities and tax advantaged majors actually have a corner on the market thanks to in-situ thiosulfate (otherwise know as hypo in BxW film processing days) replacing cyanide leach pads in Nevada for processing decimated gold held in reserves. Haven't heard of this? How then do you expect to compete with the Canadian pump and dump TSX and HFT trading insiders.

> When it come to solar silver, what is understood outside of the industry is that Albert Einstein's other energy discovery included in his Nobel Prize is that photovoltaic silver is just on the verge of becoming, due to cost cutting thin-film of being the Steve Jobs "next best thing", as the Apple computer, and Buffet joint venture, outside of Reno, Nevada, which will power of factory, and a computer park like neighborhood for the workers.

> When it comes to other industrial uses of America's strategic metals, you need to translate the overall increasing value of a "Gray Gold" deposits of fringe rare earths you may have never have heard of before.

This is why, I am saying that the best investing portfolio is building for an honest P/E return,

Silver and Gold

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