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This is not a stock market crash scene caused by the turbulence of what goes up is also subject to downdrafts. It is the recommended way to recover from casino capitalism hedge fund losses by prospecting the wild for solid, wealth of the earth, investment opportunities.

Hope you found your way to the mountain , as an individual investor to do your own "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" financial homework by asking embarrassing questions directed to the dangerously leveraged silk stocking "Mining Finance monopoly" insider control of man's second oldest industry. That is finding flashy baubles to attract the attention of the first. Which unfortunately has distracted attention, until crisis situations happen, from less sexy mineral resource "feed stocks" wealth of the Earth, absolutely vital for building essential P/L industries that followed.

Sorry I have been so preoccupied lately with the supply side of gold matters that I have not been looking back from my high horse saddle to check how a string of pack mules diamond hitches are still holding.  If that seems an genius, incomplete education Asperger's Syndrome arrogance thing to say, it is. Just as hard to really understand other socially oblivious with the initials ASS following their name. As Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Harry Truman, Henry Ford, Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, and the mad scientist who's Nobel Prize was for photovoltaic's being relative.  All a hoof print ahead leading the way up a rocky trail to cross over an unknown divide.

The reason I am so laughed at for combing a magazine career, with mining (even though the Hearst empire was financed by a 5% position in the Homestake Mine of Lead, South Dakota) is that my Old West field education as a "mine finder" dates to the "Oregon Kid" stampeding after uranium in the hot desert summer of 1955, to Moab, Utah. The story I used to launch, before the turn of the century, this world wide web site. Something now set aside for inclusion my working title memoirs, TheProspector.

My weird knack for understanding topographic mapping was followed with contracts to be the first-in to package a property for big name mining companies interested in keeping their interests secret. In all, 60 years of learning the the geological layout of the land of the 19 states open to the US Mining Law of 1872. In particular Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California, Oregon. And as explained in my old prospector's stories on my www.GoldMining.net magazine, the jungle of Panama.

But given that I just turned a double-lucky 77 years of age, and have trouble shoeing my own horses anymore, I have decided to cut back on handing out free advice to who ask, for having trouble before reading past the OMG in bogus "in Canadian interests 43-401 certifiable"  press releases  supporting a yet-another [TSX] Toronto Stock Exchange "pump and dump" out of a "Hasting Street Dry Gulch" junior of Vancouver, British Columbia, in what really are almost unanswerable questions pilgrims really need to do their own due diligence research to understand.

As "how is it that small to medium sized US mining projects, free traded away to Canada, can get away with 43-101 discrimination against US mining professionals"? Which is the equal to, "how can the way-way offshore banksters of the Isle of "Mad Hatten" get away with peddling bear silver shorts off one side of an illegally parked Wall Street turnip truck, while buying bullish silver longs back on the other"?

Well? What If I tried to explain, again, that there is a huge difference between the value of a physically hard silver dollar, and a "greenback".  Or, between bullion bar bits and electronically traded cyber bytes.

The in-depth explanation for those who recently experienced huge retirement fund 401k savings through a managed buy side against sell orders situation in the volatile mining sector, is that there is a clash between the principles of the "frontier self governing" golden rule Mining Law of 1872, and the red herring, white paper, blue sky "widows and orphans" exclusion from the "good old insider boys" clubhouse membership of the Securities and Exchange Commission of 1934.

Which is why I suggest going around those who don't know a mine from a hole in the ground, to deal directly with those who do. That includes talking directly mining claim owner.  Even better yet get into the business of actually producing product, instead of paper excuses.

At MiningMagazines.com we do not sell un-secured securities. Our source of revenue is providing valid information. As found here in two very special supply side E-reports for downloading through a secure, standard $5 PayPal connection for a virus free, Adobe Acrobat PDF format, copyright lock-protected protected from disinformation cyber theft. Just as the Placer Examination book downloadable by clicking the banner ad below.

Unlike "burner" boiler-room phone messages, PDFs are printable, unchanged, for a truly legal paper trail. Designed for a vertical magazine page format that fits a i-Pad, or Slate "information age" screen, it is worth the experience alone to see what the standard of what the homework on a mining project needs to disclosure. As documentation on claim ownership numbers, since "title insurance" is meaningless on un-patentented claims, that often are not identifiable through a generic name located somewhere West of Wickenburg.

Fortunately, as an inter-connected web ring Information Age publishing company, the first E-report here has to do with answering an endless Internet query MiningMagazines.com gets of:

1) "How can I find a working gold mine, with assays less than two years old, for sale, on a no money down contract, that isn't salted "?  Which really really translates to a "gold mining fiance" tire kicking slur, questing the sanity, and intelligence, of "supply side miners" who somehow have taken all the risk, and somehow made a project work. 

As I am not a broker, nor do I own shares in this recommended project, let me simply disclose I like the long term, non-flippable,steady production potential of Anvil Creek, Alaska, as I was once a neighbor in the Ophir mining camp, "making gold" as we say, off of the same upland source.

My percentage of the Gold Run claims was lost through a "gold digger" wife running off with her mental councilor, and hiring a divorce lawyer who spelled the well known place name for King Solomon's mines, as "Ohfir." Since then the workings were overrun by Chinese "free trade" protected EB-5 green card visa owners, working towards a big company IPO payday.

A neighbor on Ophir Creek itself, a dog mushing Vietnam Vet, was jumped by a Vietnamese funded Pekinese puppet. But Dan and Cindy held fast, and as they are getting to retirement age, need to talk with someone that actually has $1 Million in cash, or at least a tradable Park Avenue apartment worth $2 Million.

And just because our www.WesternMiner.com database listing was designed to help neighbors... there is no download fee here for now by clicking the PDF cover. It's the right thing to do, pass it forward.


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2) "As the "Prudent Man" principle of the Mining Law of 1872  allows for "associations" to function as a mining "security" is it legal to advertise a rock product for sale, as a way to start up a building materials investor managed LLC?

More on this on my proposed www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net "underwriting trust", which is for sale.

Fortunately, I am the claim holder right now (in 32 twenty acre claims) of 500 million+ uniform tons of nepheline syenite, a unique fringe rare earths mineral whose only competition in the US is 3-M; Unimin in Canada and Europe; and Asia where the same chemistry in face powder fineness sell for $250 per ton FOB China. If you think you can visualize 500,000,000 tons, know that any one company really cannot afford to buy me out except for options on a London prime back scheme for hedge fund platform trades, where 2¢ per ton starts adding up to a real retirement portfolio.

There are three established quarries on Oregon's Table Mountain, explained on my www.NephelineSyenite.com, already clear listed for designated production, as a rock wool feedstock, and a steel making flux, but the easiest to put into a plan of action is the recent discovery of "foaming concrete" use for building affordable housing.

Since I have known of this unique deposit since I was working my way through grade school as an office boy to my mining lawyer father, and it has taken this long to prepare for marketing, and as I really don't have anyone anymore to pass along a sizeable paper fortune too, I really would like to enable those looking for "one main chance" in life to build something "insanely great" as FoamKrete[tm] to revolutionize the building of affordable housing that is an answer to climate change challenges.

The "gray gold" description of this 500 million ton "green mining" resource is not yet a "blue chip" company .... yet! Perhaps as a MLP for the underlying asset.

What may be of interest is that individual's $5 information download may become part of the $10 per ton flow-through FoamKrete LLC marketing program of selling the processed miracle affordable CLC concrete admixture through regional dealerships that do not need franchise protecting, as the PH neutral feedstock is so rare in the US that the only competitor's are 3-M in Arkansas and New Mexico, and Uninium out of Canada, and Norway,


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