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For the first time since 1998 on the web, I am passing along a personal tip on an 'Big' investment program offering, as an individual 'IPO' on my own claims!

The time has come for a semi-retired, boots on the ground style prospector to get back to work. Climbing another ridge to see over the other side. Just in time to witness the fun of a coming up-cycle cheechako mining rush of investors who have no reality idea why producing gold mining stocks today are valued so far below those that sell pretend paper, instead of product.

Now, after 60 years of learning, is the time to come to the aid to save all good pilgrims from sheepishly being herded into a shearing corral to be flocked.

Since the commodity market crash happening right now many of my precious minerals websites have also experienced a CRASH for daring to expose what is really happening. As photovoltaic dropping in our web stats ranking from thousands of of "unique visitors"per month, to just TWO A DAY.

Who is the looser? You are! Consider that no cost to you freedom of information sources are being censored, and that popular TV show about the FBI taking care of disinformation attacks is not up to understanding how the good guys have been loosing the war to the black hats, whomever they are.

And as a very outspoken TheProspector on Linkedin I my Mac&Murray e-mail address used on my totally hacked have come under attack so that incoming mail has been bouncing back to the sender.

If that has happen to you with, and you are not sending me spam,(or call 503-753-5868 on a phone where the number is blocked) try again by wearing a belt with suspenders, by making in your browser, as blind CC. And know that anything you recieve with a .com, followed by a .net, is from la la land. ]

Lesson One

The "golden rule" in mining is that physically owning proven ore, still locked up in the banks of a creek, trumps those press release wizards who tap dance a big board shell game shuffle that ignore the professional standard of continuous chip sample assays over a measured length x width x depth mapping, to arm wave the news that a finger nail sized piece of gold, intersected in a drill program 600 feet deep, in an absolutely not identifiable long/lat location, is the best kept "insiders" secret.

Past that, to help you understand the importance of understanding the Mining Law of 1872 where physical location, location, location is so important, click through to my white paper on, as well as an editorial on

Lesson Two

Swivel chair prospecting for minerals is hard work in that trusting a friendly boiler room voice on phone to explain exactly how the "mining plan of action" meshes with the "biz plan" of flipping a lead mine for a HFT profit, or other TSX "pump and dump" loose-loose property/investor middleman schemes.

On the "supply side" of mining through my empire's, we have been advising for some time now the importance of getting involved in doing your own due diligence on the hole in the ground, as fellow Asperger's syndrome Mark Twain once wrote, where you just pour in hard earned money.

A few years ago I thought the Internet was a good place for such research, as shown by "white papers" here, as:

> 'Silver Dollar Dan' predicting in 2006 of a coming disaster for, "You too can buy a house with no money down!"

> My "Golden Yuan" prediction in 2008, based on explaining to an IPO lawyer that "No, that simply being an arrogant American has no advantage when financially competing with ninja numismatics.

> My "Silver Bowl" white paper in 2012 explaining that the world supply for industrial use was in a decline situation. Especially in the US, where today it would take a half year of mining to cover speculation in "risk taking it in the shorts" situation.

The these three pieces, along with my other whistle blowing, led to vicious hack attacks from multinational sources calling me a free speech fraud, and lately pished copyright protected copies of my sites, being listed in foreign bot crawler search engines, misleading reader's email response into cyber space? Not fair!

This happenstance, which I don't have the resources to financially compete with competitors it departments anymore, really comes down to the fact that my free for the reading recent financial opinions have become even more worthless. What ones did you miss?

> When it comes to gold investments, perhaps the individual best wait and see if the multinational tax advantaged majors actually have a corner on the market thanks to in-situ thiosulfate (otherwise know as hypo in BxW film processing days) replacing cyanide leach pads in Nevada for processing decimated gold. Haven't heard of this? How then do you expect to compete with the Canadian HFT trading insiders.

> When it come to solar silver, not understood outside of the industry is Dr. Einstein's other energy discovery included in his Nobel Prize is that photovoltaic silver has not worn out in thirty years of practical "field" testing on housetops. And that the burgeoning banks of alt energy farms ( as Apple computer, and Buffet joint venture, outside of Reno, Nevada) may have a hard time surviving a "short" spot price run up to align with historic AU-AG ratios.

> When it comes to other industrial uses of America's strategic metals, you need to translate the overall increasing value of a "Gray Gold" deposits of fringe rare earths you may have never have heard of before.

This is why, for the first time ever on this site, since 1998 I am suggesting directly to the investment public, totally bypassing bogus SEC approved certified financial brokers, whatever all those letters after their name, and an equally free trade discrimination of a flawed TSX 43-101 standard.

rare earths

My answer for making a long term profit is to secure the unique building material >, and probably the only independent silver prospect left in the U.S., direct. That is >, also direct, to manufacture a product, to make an honest profit, while actually securing a retirement so much more secure than hedge funding casino capitalism bet to with the plastic chip replacing silver dollars.

Therefore, I personally am ignoring bankrupt brokers, flippant flippers, leveraged derivatives gurus, London prime bank flaming twits, pump and dump shell game promoters, AIG style insurance wrappers, and "you too can get into the mining business for no money down" IPO packagers ... who need not apply.

What I am looking for is a simple start-up, a Nevada mining A+ corporation, or something as that of a MLP, even a CO-OP, to make it all happen.

As I am a lazy 76-years old man, really ready to retire to write up my 60-years of prospecting experience, hopefully secured by a simple individual's sales agreement.

Instead of basing a buyout for the mountain on claims, this sales contract is based upon current market of in-place material, slanted to give opportunity to "from the bottom up" hard workers who otherwise might not have "one main chance" today.

A> The Table Mountain Claims have 500,000,000+ tons of in-place nepheline syenite, on 32 twenty acre claims, or one square mile. That is an almost impossible spreadsheet figure to comprehend, which made the total very attractive to do nothing but brag how smart they are platform traders.

There are 4 established quarry/portal sites on the mountain. If divided among claims best suited for that sort of miner safe, toxic water free, and out of visual site from Newport, development. If production soon turned to a more ecologically friendly underground adits leading to a gravity fed shrink stope, as used by the worlds' major competitor in Norway.

The calculation I am using to get this project up and running was $10 per ton in-place from a 1,589,000 ton stockpile. As documented on, and, and

Crunch the numbers and it makes a make a lot of economic sense even to me as "incomplete education" dropout, is that material that should be possible to be delivered to a rail/barge facility for under $100 per ton, is the chemical equal to exact same stuff advertised on, FOB China, for $200-$250 per ton.

A strength here is that nothing will move off the mountain without a U.S. Forest Service CFR plan of action designation of added value use. I am going for the newly recognized use of nepheline syenite being the natural (non-patented) admixture of AAC concrete, and the CLC concrete that China is using to 3D print 10 houses, in one day, for $5,000 each!

Being a survivor of the dark days of the First Great Depression, and the rationing and blackouts in WWII, and "doing my four" during the Cold War as a one-step above top secret USAF photo intelligence analyst for General "Big Cigar" LeMay in London, excuse me for also stipulating I only want to talk to American's concerned with our children's future.

Solar Silver

Which is exactly why the this contract only works with the natural "silica sand" bundling for "smart roofs" with:

B > In Wilderness Alaska, 118,163 tons, documented on (not hot linked underlined for a reason), that has 800,000+ ounces spot silver, in a galena ore on the surface containing lead used in solar storage batteries, and zinc for frames, and copper for wiring, has been undervalued so badly that at $14.79 AG spot price the proven ore tonnage ready to mine at a profit balances the FoamKrete designated figures of $10 per ton suggested in-place ton price.

The real "Why" so cheap? Because this is to be an ECO friendly, do the right thing project. The two "magic minerals" absolutely need to be bundled to fill the demand for affordable housing with Energy Star and other tax benefits, and should not be stopped cold by speculative trading spikes.

The bundle contract is initially priced accordingly to make it possible for motivated workers to soon pay for the materials contract out of production.

One of the conditions is that after the $3 million a year royalty to the state of Alaska kicks in, and an equal payment going to the ECO-Minerals-Stockpiletrust fund missing a monthly payment without a negotiated offer to pay in-kind, trade, or stock back, or some other arrangement, will terminate the total contract.

Silver Opportunity

When forward thinking columnists actually get a misunderstood projection right ... as FoamKrete being a "forest fire proof " home building material, we sort of like to gloat by a media link to London as "Survivalist rides out Washington wildfire in specially built dome home", instead of simply sating, "I told you so!"]

To make FoamKrete /AlaskaRangeSolar to happen, I need a for real personal contact by phone to Barry at 503-753-5868, or 541-992-6313, to discuss a holding fee payment to take care of due diligence business at hand before committing to the contract. The new e-mail address to try and get through our unknown competitors disinformation misdirect spoofing for our long is MiningMagazines,com@Gmail,com. The comma instead of a dot is intentional, and so sorry that genuine reply's will need to type out the address in their mail application. If that dosen't work, go back to our corporate

Barry Murray, himself 503-753-5868 ... though I fear those ASCI numbers are on someone's algorithm hit list.

Silver and Gold

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