How To Stake A Mining Claim


Tourist gold panningBLM: The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 (FLPMA) requires claimants to file a copy of the official record of the notice or certificate of location with the BLM.

This includes any amendments (i.e., changes) in claim boundaries and any changes in ownership. FLPMA (Sec. 314) also requires a map of the claim/site boundaries to be filed with the BLM.

Other documents filed under State law must also accompany the copy of the official record filed with the BLM. Even if State law does not require recordation, the owner must file proper documents with the BLM. Federal recording regulations, 43 CFR 3833, specify the information required.

These requirements may be obtained from BLM State or District Offices.

There is a $10 nonrefundable service charge to record each new location. In addition, at the time of recording are due a $25 location fee and a $100 maintenance fee, bringing the entire cost of recording a single claim or site to $135.

The BLM considers a claim or site abandoned and void if the claimant fails to record with the BLM within the prescribed period.

The time frame for filing is within 90 days from the date of location or date of change. Use a separate location notice for each claim/site or the claim will be deemed abandoned.

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*This article was taken from a public online brochure found on the BLM website

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