How To Stake A Mining Claim


mining claims mapRecording a Mining Claim or Site

Claims and sites must be recorded with both the county and the proper BLM STATE OFFICE. In Alaska, claims may also be recorded with the BLM office in Fairbanks.

County: State laws usually require filing the original location notice or certificate in the county recorder's or the county clerk's office. The proper county is generally the one in which the claim is located.
Each State has its own requirement for when a location notice must be filed and recorded. This period is usually within 90 days of staking the claim on the ground. However, some States require earlier filings, such as within 60 days or 30 days. Other States have different timeframes for different types of claims.

Location notices contain the following basic information:
(1) the date of location on the ground,
(2) the name of the locator(s),
(3) the name of the claim or site,
(4) the type of claimor site,
(5) the acreage claimed, and
(6) a description of the parcel on the ground. The description may be either a legal description (by parts of the section, township, range, and meridian) or a metes and bounds survey (connection of corners by distance and direction). For mining claims, metes and bounds surveys are tied to the discovery point. The discovery point should be tied to some well-known, permanent object. Examples of permanent objects include an existing cadastral survey monument, a bench mark, a bridge, a fork of a stream, or a road intersection.

Local printing companies, office supply stores, stationery stores, and BLM offices are possible sources for obtaining location notice and certificate forms.

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*This article was taken from a public online brochure found on the BLM website

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