Truth in Mining

I told you that a readjustment in altitude was coming for some high flying speculators of the London Metals Exchange manipulations, now being crushed under Casino Capitalism calls for printing even more Credit Default Swap Debased Currency!

I would even bet in the real silver dollars Communist China is secretly hording to support their coming Golden Yuan (I first wrote about 5 years ago) International Trade Standard.

This is not a sinister plot. You just have to acknowledge that the 'People of the Good Earth' totally understand the Importance of actually owning mineral assets to actually allow valuable 'feed stocks' to flow through a Total Quality Manufacturing assembly line, to physically sell a Retail Product for a Reasonable ROI profit.

Now that I have screamed enough at you for not listening, I am the one ashamed, as the last of the independent prospectors (sort of the oil industry wildcatter also disappeared) for not being able to offer free advice and link to boni fide precious metal prospects offered for sale, lease, or joint venture, have also vanished into a Blue Regulated Sky. Sorry. The days of a bearish "you too can buy an operating gold mine for no money down" appears to be over.

That is unless small investors take a reasonable amount of time doing their own detailed due-diligence study of an under-priced $25 Million dollar Industrial Mineral Project, where an individual can buy in as an owner on an underlying $10 ton basis, for now, which just happens to be the in-place value for raw ore for some of the largest promoted gold mines.

Who says this is true? I do, from my 60-years of in the field experience since the Great Uranium Rush of '55 to Moab Utah. Also reported in my "pioneering" book credentials of the BannerBooks.com resume´ click-able here:

As "theProspector" has never acted as a "finder fee"bird dog" information broker, let me state that by golly I do have a stake in these claims being offered direct to mining investors at a very appropriate time

The "gray gold" description of this 500 million ton "green mining" resource is not yet a "blue chip" IPO $25 Million plus company .... yet!  Perhaps the red herring should be explaining a resources rich favored offering

What may be of interest is that on an individual to individual's information basis this download may become part of a $10 per ton flow-through FoamKrete LLC wholesale /retail marketing program of selling the processed miracle affordable CLC concrete admixture through regional dealerships that do not need franchise protecting, as the PH neutral feedstock is so rare in the US that the only competitor's are 3-M in Arkansas and New Mexico, and Uninium out of Canada, and Norway,

This three step flow-through has many opportunities for "earn-in" ROI opportunities of an outright sales, lease-option, or LLC retail sales, or all three.

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